Compeat Creative

creative accounting (honest)
  • Role: Creative Director
  • Timeframe: Nov 2010 - May 2015
  • Client: Compeat Restaurant Management Systems


Compeat's main business is creating software for restaurants, specifically back-of-house accounting and payroll. This fast-growing small business required a multi-hat designer, comfortable designing a tradeshow booth one day and software the next.


The main focus in my last year at Compeat was the web redesign. Launched in early 2015, prospects and customers alike experienced a fully-responsive design with streamlined content and navigation for the first time.



The original website (below) had a bloated IA and was riddled with code errors. On day one at Compeat, it became my mission to modernize this potentially lucrative marketing tool. I started with Google Analytics and an IA investigation, and headed towards a responsive Bootstrap framework.

The redesigned homepage (below) was a welcome site. Overall, the clean, responsive design resulted in dramatically increased site traffic and conversions. The navigation was streamlined and alt text added to every image, increasing accessibility ten-fold. In the end, the site was simplified from 35+ pages to 7. All pages were officially validated by the WC3 Markup Validation Service. The site was optimized for both desktop and mobile users.