IT integration software for enterprise
Dell ICEE  In Context
  • Role
    Interaction Design (Lead), Visual Design (Support)
  • Team
    1 Interaction Designer, 1 Visual Designer, 1 Researcher/Product Manager, 15+ Engineers
  • Timeframe
    August 2015 - January 2016


ICEE (Integrated Compute Experience for Enterprise) was a Dell Enterprise software product that focused on customers with converged IT infrastructures. Its users were multifaceted, tech-savvy, with expectations of task automation and multi-site remote management, wrapped in world-class design. A tech turducken, if you will.


My role as UX lead was to focus on refining/redefining flows and improving interactions both large and micro. With such complex content, a clean IA was essential. Descriptive content and infographics had to be on-point. I worked with engineering and marketing leads to craft the best experience possible for our power users, positively impacting daily routines by reducing time-on-task.


To ensure the accuracy of complex features and functionality, the project required collaboration with a constellation of subject matter experts across lines of business. The visual design lead would provide style templates to the dev team, while I provided the page-by-page interactions. I created my wireframes in Adobe Illustrator, then exported as pdfs to share with the team. The wireframe pdf was full of questions I had for marketing/engineering, as well as notes (in red) describing interactions for the dev team. A wireframe could go through ten iterations or more before it was approved for development.



Due to a tight deadline, I worked in tandem with the lead Visual Designer, Thomas Lanaux. We had our respective roles, but often asked the other's opinion on an interaction or a visual element, as they're all connected. Together, we created many unique patterns for this unique product. When ICEE was ultimately cancelled, we dusted off the defeat and began the hard work of creating the pattern library.

A Pattern Library is Born

While ICEE never made it to our users, the patterns created in the process live on in other Dell products. Learn more about the process on the Dell Pattern Library project page.