Dell Open Manage Mobile

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Dell Mobile OMM Menu Evolution
  • Role: UX/UI
  • Released: October 2016
  • Client: Dell
  • Team Size: 4


Improve interaction flows and update the design to Dell's latest design system, Clarity 4. The focus included both existing and new features, keeping iOS and Android similarities / differences in-mind.


Understanding the underlying technology was crucial to creating an informed UI. Step 1 was diving head-first into a complex behavioral spec produced by the engineering team. Fully comprehending the nature of the tech required many dev meetings, whiteboarding and wireframing sessions. Wireframes were vetted with engineers and subject matter experts to ensure our plotted course was on track.

Main Menu

Dell Mobile OMM Menu Evolution

The original menu was dark and needed a style for subsections. The first draft shows the requested navigation items. Over the next few versions, I wittled down the options and added clarified the navigation hierarchy. The logo was also replaced with a welcome message, as customer experience is more important than brand reinforcment this stage.

Diagnostics Flow

The proposed flow was 5 pages long, each a sub-section of "Diagnostics" in the menu. These sub-pages often contained no content, as no screenshot could be obtained, forcing a user down a path with 10 clicks to see all the pages. The structure relied heavily on the back button for navigation, which led to disorientation within an often complex system.

The redesign flattened the navigation by including the screen previews below the "Generate Report" options. With 1 click the user can quickly scroll to see what, if any, previews are available.