Hunter Douglas
Selling App

A Versitle Sales Tool for Independent Dealers
Hunter Douglas Selling App Hero
  • Role: Visual Design/UX Lead
  • Released: April 2018
  • Client: Hunter Douglas


Create an iOS solution for dealers selling Hunter Douglas (HD) products in-the-home and on the showroom floor. Increase sales across the board by improving dealer mobility and versatility. Attract new dealers with modern software. Reduce remakes and streamline ordering by including helpful tips and tricks, ex: fabric out-of-stock, ongoing sales.


Design within an agile team focused on timely production of quality UX. The design and build of the app are guided by the newly established HD Design System coupled with valuable feedback from stakeholders, devs and HD dealers.

Redefining Tutorials

The original design was extremely text-heavy. Whenever I saw anyone using the app, they immediately tapped "Got it". The massive amount of text was discouraging users and interrupting their flow. This tutorial modal popped up with every new client, not when-needed.

Reconciling iOS & Web Conventions

HDIS Measure Form with Table

The original design proposal for the above form—created for dealers to request professional window measurement—included a traditional table of columns and rows. While possible to develop, tables are not convetional iOS. The challenge was to propose an alternative design that followed iOS convetions and could be developed in less than a month.

Modeled after iPhone Settings pattern, the design solution (below) transformed the traditional table into a modern, scalable, mobile list view.