Hunter Douglas:
The Link

A CRM Tool for independent dealers
powered by Salesforce
Hunter Douglas The Link Hero
  • Role
    UX Research, Experience Design, Interface Design, Information Architecture, Logo Design, Content Writing
  • Team
    1 Product Designer, 1 Product Owner, 1 Project Manager, 1 QA Tech, 7+ Salesforce Engineers
  • Timeframe
    May 2017 - September 2018


Transition to lead UX/UI designer, taking over for a contract designer who created the base design. Bring the design inline with brand standards and refine the end-to-end user experience. Establish patterns and expand the custom pages.


Determine the best user experience through research and experimentation. Inform the design through collaborate with team members + stakeholders. Hit the ground running to maintain the development schedule. Apply feedback from beta testers to continue improving user flows.

A Call to Action

The original design was dark in tone with no clear call to action. White type overlaid on dark photography effected readability of both the content and the imagery. There were many cooks in the kitchen, which led to numerous possible actions with no clear focus. I was tasked with establishing a clear focal point and brightening the experience, bringing it inline with the brand.

The final design focused attention on ordering, with the CTA of "New Quote" (the most common action). The style fell inline with the .com consumter site, as well as the sophisticated .com site of the parent company.

HD The Link Homepage before and after

User Management

The original page was developer designed. After many dealers submitted negative feedback on the user management experience, I was brought in to re-evaluate page layout, content delivery, and overall flow. I started with an IA investigation and review of the current flow.

Content exploration was key. With the content spread out in numerous tabs and modals, it was important to see it all spread out. task one My design partner Todd Webster and I grabbed markers, comandeered a whiteboard, and spent the afternoon breaking down the content. The examination led to a quick sketch wireframe that I used to build my finalized comps in Sketch.

The new design dramaticlly simplified the architecture; it's now free of the complexity of numerous tabs and pop-ups. Related content is just a a quick scroll away. Descriptive text, once hidden inside numerous info icons, is liberated to increase accessibility of this most useful content. Finally, the permission sets were logically grouped for easy scanning.

HD The Link User Management Final Design

Login/Logout Experience

The original login design required an update. It was not responsive when viewed on tablets or phones, requiring a "pinch and zoom" action from our users. I was tasked with updating the look-and-feel, creating a responsive layout, and improving the experience where possible.

The new design aligns with the polished reputation of the brand, and showcases their beautiful photography. More importantly, the code and design are responsive, adjusting to any device a dealer has handy.

We couldn't decide on just one photo, and didn't have to! The devs offered the idea to rotate a set of photos on reload. I jumped on the opportunity, and picked 7 photos. The idea was nixed (for now) because management doubted the users ability to recognize the login page if the photos changed. My plan is to broach the subject after the launch chaos has calmed.